Friday, February 22, 2008

The Meeting

Thanks to the lovely weather I woke up to this morning the meeting I was supposed to have with my informant was canceled today. Hopefully if we are not snowbound or under water we will be able to get together sometime tomorrow. So, weather permitting and if nothing major comes up, we should be able to get together tomorrow. If not, we will try to meet on Sunday. We'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens.

MySpace Presentations

The MySpace presentations we saw in class were good. The pictures that many of them posted on their pages were very interesting. It's funny how the tilt of your head, how you smile can reveal, or whether you focus the camera the eyes, head shots, or full body shots can reveal so much about a person. It's so true that a picture can say thousand words.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have a couple of informants in mind. One I know will be willing to participate in the project. The other one I haven't been able to catch up with. That's just my luck. If I didn't need to talk to her she'd be stopping by my house or I'd see her several times a week in the street. Hopefully I will catch up with her this week. Once I talk to her then I'll decide who I will use or I might use both of them.

Getting consent is not a big problem as both are well above the age of thirteen. One is seventeen and one is eighteen and has been on his own since he was sixteen. Anyway, we'll see how it plays out this week.

Thirteen the Film

I must say that I found the movie, Thirteen, very interesting. I vaguely remember this being an Oscar nominated film. I understand that it is also based on some actual experiences of the actor who played Evie, who, as an adolescent co-wrote the script. I thought the film was good and gave some insight into what some adolescents go through today. It also gave you some clue as to what can happen when parents/guardians are not paying attention to what's happening with their kids because of their own trials and tribulations. That being said, no matter what generation you come from those "tween" years can be difficult. You don't quite know where you belong. You feel too old for the 12 and under group, yet you're not quite old enough for the 14 and above group. It's like you're sort of in limbo. I think everyone experiences that feeling at some point at thirteen.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Concerns

Well I've made it over the first hurdle (creating this blog) but I do have some concerns about getting this project off the ground. I have some prospective participants in mind who I think would be willing to participate. The problem is, their parents may not be willing to sign the consent form needed for their participation. This is very understandable but I am hoping it will all work out.